Build a brighter future with comprehensive planning from Greentree Financial


Build a brighter future with comprehensive planning from Greentree Financial

Greentree Financial


At Greentree Financial we offer our clients comprehensive financial planning.

A structured process drawing out and defining with you what your vision is of your future. Working with you to see the big picture, tailoring advice driven by your priorities that can then be addressed through a structured and consistent plan.

A comprehensive financial plan includes the basic areas of:

Financial position analysis

Investment planning (portfolio design, superannuation, borrowings, taxation and legal structures)

Risk management and personal insurance

Retirement planning and estate planning

In addition, education funding, charitable planning and
business succession planning may also be covered as you require.

What is financial planning?

  • The process of providing advice, assistance and solutions.
  • The process of addressing the challenges around creating and protecting your wealth.
  • Determining whether and how you can meet your financial needs and life goals through effective management of your financial resources..


Let’s look at the big picture.

At Greentree Financial we’re here to help you build a more robust and brighter financial future. Can’t quite picture it yet or how best to achieve it? That’s where we come in.

We often describe financial planning as being similar to a jigsaw puzzle – many smaller pieces need to first be identified and pieced together to reveal the “big picture”.

Working closely with you, we examine all the areas that make up your current financial picture, including your values and objectives. With all the pieces on the table, we can then create and manage a financial plan that better ‘fits’ your future needs and makes most sense for you.

Successful wealth management is also about regularly reviewing many aspects of your financial life on an ongoing basis to ensure the plan continues to align with your goals.

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